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Google adword costs high

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Hi I have set up  an adword campaign for a client
Self managed  super funds (Sydney, Australia)
First page bid estimate:$8.75
Some key phrases are high - how can I tell the client that this will cost 8.75 a click?
others are 5.50 4.50 , it will cost a fortune to get one client if you look 1.0% conversion rate - even 10% CR.
1000 clicks would be $8750.00 - plenty of tyre kickers in there.
You would start to think radio ads at that price?
Any ideas how to get this down? Is this right?
Would it be better to have PPC ads instead cost per 1000 showing?
I know this competitive but  whooow..

Re: Google adword costs high

Zee Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
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Hi rusty1001,


Google AdWords is an auction based system. You don't need to pay a high cost. The system looks at quality of your ads, keywords, ad texts and your site. I'd really encourage you to read first these two articles written by our users:


  1. AdWords Cost by ScottyD
  2. About the AdWords Auction by Kim_Clink




Re: Google adword costs high

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Hi Rusty,


You are in a very competitive market and the clicks are going to cost that much unfortunately (I've got a few in Oz)


The best thing you can do is look at refining the keywords and AdGroups as much as possible. Very few keyword in each AdGroup and very specific ad copy to match the terms. Better QS = better ad rank and possibly lower CPC's.


Look at your match types. At those costs I'd be using pretty much all exact match and maybe some phrase with negatives in place to stop unwanted traffic.


The benefit with AdWords is that it's all measurable (unlike radio & tv) and you'll know what a lead costs if you are tracking everthing right.


Your client knows their industry so ask them what sort of money they would pay for leads from other sources and you'll know what you're up against.


I hope this helps you out a bit.

Re: Google adword costs high

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Hi - thanks for the replies -


I have used their suggested key phrases - used the keywords in the text -

the only thing I have not done is increase the bid price


High bid = Quality Score ??


I can't see any other way off getting a higher score?




Self Managed Super Fund

Qualified CPA ready to offer

advice on self managed super



Just had a look

    Below first page bid

Self Managed Super Funds

First page bid estimate:$10.00 ??? Gone up

I have something to this effect, I have used their suggested keyphrases and looks -


most words over $5.00 - is that the best I can do?

yes it depends on the business


I also have a flower shop to do, and that is also expensive - 10 clicks and they won't make any money?