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Google Shopping

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I am trying to understand why my competitors are always higher up on the listing even though I am much cheaper than them? We are selling the same item but we seem to always be lower down. McAfee Total Protection 2016   Unlimited devices   1 year Licence.jpeg

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Re: Google Shopping

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the order of items is determined mainly by the bid and quality factors.

price is not the only quality factor.

generally, either increase the bid or improve the quality factors --
such as the quality of all submitted data, including removing any
low-quality information, the quality of product images, the quality
of the landing-page, improving the website's overall quality and
user-experience as defined by google, improving the business's ratings,
using the merchant-promotions-program, more focused targeting, etc.

also, searching for the same similar item, over and over again,

may lower click-through-rates and therefore lower quality.

note that forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the details posted
here in the public-forum -- posting additional, specific, details such as all
the data submitted for the item, the specific item's landing-page url, and
screen-capture of how the data looks to google, by clicking on the item's
title under the products-list tab of the merchant-center-account, etc., may

help others offer more specific suggestions.

as an aside, that image seems to be not viewable here in the forums --
try reposting the image, placing the image on a different website and
posting the url, posting the search-terms used, or simply describe the
image details.


Google Shopping

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Thanks for getting back to me


I am unsure as to why the image is not coming through.


My bidding is on Automatic so I am assuming this would automatically put the best bid in?

An example of one of the products is below - As you can see I am 4 down the list even though my price is better than the other 3. I think the website landing page is fairly clean and good quality information. Surprised