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Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to Google Seller Ratings. I'm using a 3rd party software to publish my reviews to GSR but for some reason they are not showing.

I meet all of Google requirements (150 unique reviews in the last year, more then 3.5 rating, etc'), but still they are not showing.


I suspect that something in the feed my 3rd party software is sending Google is causing this, could you please let me know of possible reasons for the feed not being accepted by Google?



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Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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Hi Asaf,


May be this will help: Make seller ratings more likely to show




Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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Hi Aslam,


Thank you, but I suspect the issue is not coming from me, but from my 3rd party software that is jamming the feed that is being generated to Google. What could be the possible reasons for that?

Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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This could be because in this specific business the overall rating is higher than 3.5 and  the minimum threshold is more than 150 reviews.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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Hi Moshe,


Thank you for your reply, but the feed that I send is fine - could it be that my 3rd party is jamming the feed?



Re: Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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for google-seller-ratings, google processes reviews/ratings data,

automatically, either directly from the site or via a review-feed.

generally, if a third-party is handling the data, then the data
may be submitted to google by a third-party content-provider,

at the content-provider's discretion -- not by advertisers.

a google-merchant-review-feed may be submitted; however, there is currently
no guarantee that google will use such data -- any such data-processing and
collection, after being submitted, is purely at google's discretion.

also, version-four of the google-merchant-reviews-feeds
is soon to be deprecated -- version-five should be used.

if the data is collected, the most likly reasons for the data not showing are:
(a) the review-feed has errors or issues;
(b) the merchant-name/rating-url does not match the reviews-site, exactly;
(c) the data does not meet google's minimum requirements;
(d) the data is already being submitted or already being collected by google.

if there are any related issues, the best likely course would
be to contact the ratings/reviews content-provider directly --
to verify the data is currently valid and is submitted properly, there
are no name/url mismatches, the data meets google's requirements,
or the data is being crawled and collected from the site, by google.


Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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Hi Celebird,


That's great! Thank you. About (a) - What could be the errors/issues in the reviews-feed?

Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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first, you're welcome.

there are likely far too many potential issues to mention them all --
and only a person at google would have access to the entire set of
potential issues.

for example, issues may relate to review-feed creation, registration,
formatting, uploading, processing, post-processing, polices, or simply
google, automatically, deciding not to use the submitted data.

for example, missing a required attribute, invalid or unsupported formats,
unauthorized registration, registering or submitting more than one feed,
invalid filenames, unescaped special-characters, a file exceeding google's
file-size limits, google not being able to download a complete file due to
network or related issues, unsupported attribute-names, invalid, incorrect,
or mixed character-encoding, missing proper schema, invalid xml, missing
required review-feed attributes, google no longer being able to access the
review-feed due to a variety of server or security related issues, google
no longer fetching data that was previously fetched due to technical or
policy related issues, the review itself violating a policy, unauthorized
or invalid collection-methods, invalid or unsupported review-page types,

invalid or improper ratings values, invalid products related to the review
such as invalid or self-assigned global-trade-data, mishandling of review-id's
or issuing a deleted_reviews request, mishandling of merchant-id's or issuing
a deleted_merchants request, the review-landing-page changing without the
review-feed being updated, an invalid aggregator or an aggregator violating
google's policies, the merchant changing their website-url or business-name,
the reviews/ratings site or a merchant violating a seller rating/review policy,

the best likely course would still be to contact the consent-provider directly.


Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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That's amazing, thank you!


One last question - If the GSR is not showing here: 

Could it still be that the feed is being submitted successfully (and of course I'm eligible in all of the requirements) but something is still messing up the GSR itself?

Google Seller Rating with a 3rd party software

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first, you're welcome again and thank you for the kind words.


yes, the feed may be submitted successfully but something

may still prevent the google-seller-rating itself from showing
within the google-shopping site's seller-ratings (database).

something as simple as a store-name or registered-domain mismatch
within any of the related accounts, the data removed or moved from,
or blocked by, the site, no recent reviews from the last 12-months, etc.,

or google simply has an internal issue with their processing of the data,
may prevent reviews from appearing, even if the feed were submitted.

also, if the merchant was previously a member of google-trusted-stores --

and there was an issue with the transition to google-customer-reviews.


see also