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Google Grants - Multiple Locations Targeting

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Is it possible to target multiple locations for our google grants account? I have a google grant US account and would like to target two countries, USA and Canada. Would this be possible? Is there any restrictions for google grants account on this matter. You're insights is greatly appreciated.


- James 

Re: Google Grants - Multiple Locations Targeting

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Hi James G,


You can target any country you feel is relevant to you, as long as the country is in the Adwords Grant available list:


For the drawbacks, there are indeed some restrictions on grantees that Google’s paying AdWords customers get to avoid:


Spending Limit: There is a limit of about $10,000 a month ($330 a day).


Cost-Per-Click Limit: There is a $1.00 limit on cost-per-click (CPC) for grantees. This means that your nonprofit’s maximum bid for ad space is $1.00. As mentioned before, price is only one of the factors used to determine rank, but the CPC limit might leave your ads closer to the bottom of the screen (or on later pages) than you’d like.

Keywords Only: Grantees must exclusively run keyword-targeted campaigns.

This means that the other targeting options (audience, location, language, device, contextual or placement targeting) are not available to your ad campaign. However, your nonprofit can still see huge benefits by choosing your keywords carefully.

Can Take a While: The application process might take some time. The folks at Google must first approve your nonprofit’s application for membership to Google for Nonprofits (see below), then consider a separate application for the Google Grants program.

Not a Perfect Fit for All Nonprofits: While Google Grants can be helpful to many organizations, its benefit is contingent on people actually searching for keyword phrases relevant to your cause. Before jumping into Google Grants, it’s helpful to do some keyword research to see if the program is a good fit for your nonprofit.





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Re: Google Grants - Multiple Locations Targeting

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off course you can target multiple location in single Google grants accounts. Location targeting helps to appear your ads in the geographic locations that you choose: countries, areas within a country, a radius around a location, or location groups.

Choose your location – Select where you want to show your ad  that you want to display it in. If you want to target Canada with USA Google Ad Grants account, You can do it.


For more info you can down load this link and go through -