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Google Display Ads, no feed information shows.

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I'm trying to create an ad for Google Display Network using Ad Gallery but can only get the headline to show.


At the moment I have 5 pages on my site which is for a service not a product. 


I wanted to create an ad which had the Service headline, sub-headline, description, a photo, and a click for more button.


I clicked to add a dynamic ad and selected custom image ad, downloaded the feed template, and deleted some of the non-required fields, i.e price, the left just the required and what was relevant to me.


I added only 1 line to test the ads, uploaded the feed and saved.  


I have waited around 48 hours, whenever I preview the ad only the headline shows which I set through the UI, none of the feed information shows no sub-headline, no photo, no learn more button. Just white space. 


Status says feed successfully ingested but only headline text and logo shows which we're set through the UI not through the feed, I have tested HTML5 and flash, both do not work. Maybe it's a problem with my feed, all preset ads I searched through had a price on the template which I do not need. Do I need to set a price or have I done something else wrong?

Re: Google Display Ads, no feed information shows.

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Hi Sam,

Please correct me if I understood the question wrong. You want to run the dynamic display ads for your services instead of simple remarketing ads?

To run the dynamic display ads you need to upload the services feed in business data of the shared library section. You've mentioned that you selected the custom ad and downloaded the template. This is contradictory in itself. Dynamic remarketing ads need the url of images in feed instead of providing custom images along with other required information like ID, Price, etc.

To create a valid dynamic remarketing ads feed you need to put the details about your services like (unique ID, price, image, and more). These details are then pulled from your feed into your dynamic ads. When ads are shown to people who visited your website, details about the services they viewed are pulled from your feed into these ads.

Check the following link for more information -

But, It seems to me that you wanted to create simple display ads but accidentally ended up with dynamic feeds. Make sure you didn't check the "use dynamic ads" check box while creating the remarketing campaign. If you check it then adwords will ask you to either upload a feed in adwords or Google merchant center for retailer. Skip the checking of "use dynamic ads" box and finish the campaign. Then go to display network of that campaign and select the remarketing lists as targeting audience of ads. Use Google display ad builder to create the image ads. Do the following to use the display ad builder:

1. Go to your display campaign
2. Go to your adgroup
3. Go to ads and click on + icon
4. Select display ad builder and put the url of your website.
5. You'll get multiple templates and layouts of html5 ads. Select the ones you like and edit them with headline, descriptions, and other details.
6. Preview them and then save.
7. After that the ad will appear in your ads section of adgroup and start showing to your visitors.

Check more about display ad builder here;

Sandeep Kumar

Google Display Ads, no feed information shows.

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I want to create a Display Dynamic Remarketing campaign. For my business type, I have to make a custom feed - I see that adding an "image url" in the feed is highly recommended by Google, yet not required. But if I don't add an "image url" column in the feed, will my dynamic ads show the images of the products?

Thank you in advance,