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Google Display Ads Types

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Hi everone, 


Now I have a new campaign for Google Display Network and the campaign but the campaign that we have by now the performance doesn't so good. So I have some question need to be clear because now we have re-marketing ads, normal GDN and gmail sponsor ads campaign that would be everthing by now. 


However all of these campaign always use same banner type, So I think Adwords might have other ads type and offfer to advertiser rather than image ads only. So do they have other banner ads type such as engagement ads that doesn't seem like Lightbox Ads or Dynamuc Display Ads < this work with re-marketing only. 


If they has other ads how can I  setting for getting those ads. 



Re: Google Display Ads Types

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Hi Mrx A,

Have you tried out text display ads? In all my display campaign including site targeting and re-marketing, the text ads get much more impression and relatively higher conversion rate.

So maybe try the old-fashioned text to see the result rather than more complicated format like html5, flash or gif ads.

Hope this helps!