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Google Adword Exam

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how to show you passed Google Adwords exam to othe?r. And how to take Google Adword Certification preparation training in Karachi Pakistan. How certified Google Adwords  Partners?

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Hi Syed,


You can see your passed certification in Google Partners account.


Sign in on Google partners page with your Gmail ID by which you have cleared the exam, under Certifications column you can see Adwords, Analytics and Video Ads


For more insights on Google Partners your refer the link - Google Partners




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Just to add further, you may take this exam online from anywhere in the world as long as you have a gmail ID and password working. In case you need to attempt further (i wish you do not have to) then you may take the exam again after a gap of every seven days multiple times.
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All Google Certification Exams are now housed under the Google Partners Platform.
You will need to create and account.

1) On the top right hand corner click "I am an Agency"
( trying to get that fixed to make more sense)

2) Fill out the My Profile as much as you can
You don't need to add an MCC or Affiliate with a company.

3) Under Public Profile change the drop box to Public.

To take the exams.
Navigate to Certifications:

1) To become adwords certified you will need to pass the "Fundementals Exam" and one more test, either the Search or the Display (Your Choice). You can take all three if you like.
The test are various length and times, but you can not pause, or go back and change and answer. If you fail a test, you have to wait 7 days before you can take that test again.

Once you have passed the Fundamental Exam and either the Search or Display test, your certificate will appear in a link on your "Profile Page" below your picture Icon. You can click that link to print off a certificate for your self.

Also for the public to show your credentials under "My Profile" in the Public Profile there is a link to VIEW PROFILE. click that and copy down the URL. You can provide that URL as your online visual proof.

Here are some other links that my provide additional information

Google Partners - Get Started

Signing up for Google Partners

About Google Partners

Test tips from the Google Partners Youtube Channel

Fundamentals Test

Advanced Display Exam

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If I want to give an exam as an Individual Basis then? still its free ?

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Badged Google Partner
The Google AdWords tests are free for everyone. Google analytics test is also now free and also inside the Google partners platform