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Google AdWords Remarketing

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In Google Remarketing, is it possible to add only those users into the lists.. who spend more time on my targeted page. Let's say I want to add users in my remarketing list who spend more than 2 minutes, not less than that. I'm looking for this option in Google Adwords not in Google Analytics. Thanks!!

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Re: Google AdWords Remarketing

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This would require some customization to how your website fires the remarketing tag. If you had a method of counting on an individual page, you could do it that way. Otherwise you'll need to have a command which calls for time on site from GA and then fires the Remarketing tag. I imagine it would need to have logic that states something like "when time of current pageview less the previous log of _trackpageview is greater than 120 seconds fire remarketing tag." Basically, you just need logic somewhere to define how much time is passed and then use that event signal to run the Remarketing tag.