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Google AdWords Keyword URLs: Share your best practices and experiences

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Hello Everyone,


Welcome to the new community.


We had a super successful 'share your best practices' series on the old forum. We received rave reviews from various quarters about the quality of content on these threads and the knowledge of our users. So we'd like to continue the series on this brand new space too. Let's make use of all the awesome features of this new community and make this series a never-before success.
Game for this? Awesome. 
The first topic, we'd like to discuss is "Keyword URLs"

Share your experiences with this feature - how, when and why did you use "Keyword URLs" and help your other AdWords friends use this feature too.
As an appreciation for the best experiences and best tips shared, we'd be sending out some schwag and a letter of appreciation. 

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Re: Google AdWords Keyword URLs: Share your best practices and experiences

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Fundementally, your ad groups should be seperated enough so that the ad copy URL would suffice. All your keywords in one ad group are so closely themed that they all correspond to the same page on the site.


However, there are instances where I find the keyword URL useful


1. Third party tracking software like Omniture. If you want keyword level tracking within its system, you need to have unique keyword URLs


2. Quick changes. For example, I have a landscaping client who updates their site often and I need to update our landing pages on a moments notice. I find it easier to search for relevant keywords for that page than browse through my ad groups and ad copy. For example, I have several tree service related ad groups (tree trimming, tree removal, etc.). If they change the tree service page, I just do a quick search for all my tree keywords in AdWords Editor. I cannot do a search for all my tree ad copy because I have ads which mention the tree service running for non-tree keywords.