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Google Ad - grography

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Has anybody experienced difficulties with the geography that google ad words uses when setting a radius from their base ?


I have a drain cleaning business in Nenagh Co Tipperary and I have set the radius at 60 miles frommy base however Limerick City is 25 miles from me and my ad does not appear. Dublin is 95 miles from me and my ad is visible.





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Re: Google Ad - grography

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Hi drainpower and welcome to the forum.


A lot depends upon how your Campaign settings are set.  Location targeting can be just aiming at people physically within a certain location but it can also be people with a search intent on a certain location.  For example, if you ran a Pizza delivery service, there's no point showing your Ads to people outside your delivery radius using a search term "delivery pizza" so you'd want to advertise by physical location.  On the other hand, if you were a hotel, you'd probably want to advertise by intent since you'd want your Ad to show up for people looking for a hotel in Dublin (using the search term "hotel in Dublin"), even if they lived in Yorkshire as they may be planning a holiday.


Check your Campaign Settings


If you are already only targeting by physical location, the issue may relate to the way Google works out where people are.  If there's no "hard" evidence (such as an address in a Google account), Google tries to tell where someone is by tracing their IP address (a sort of "telephone number" for the Internet, unique for each visitor at any one time).  This process tends to vary wildly in accuracy, especially in rural areas.  I live in North Yorkshire and am frequently "located" by this process in Lincoln or Halifax, at least 60 miles away.  If you consider this sort of error then lay a 60 mile radius on top, it's easy to see how your situation could come about.


The solution in this case may be to switch to using location based Keywords (i.e. actually use "Nenagh" in your search terms) but let us know if the location targeting settings help first.



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Re: Google Ad - grography

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Hello drainpower;

In addition to Jon's answer; I understand from your question that you are based in Ireland;


In Europe the Geo-targeting has not been mapped up to a zip code level as in the US. Generally, in most (if not all, except the UK) European countries, you can target only up to a city level, and this is not perfect.


As you can see in this table, in Ireland you should be able to target only by county and by city; To my understanding, the "radius drawing" works well only in the US (and in some parts of the UK). All other countries should geo-target by checking cities/ county names from the list.



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