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Global reach, for a local service

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I would like to set-up a campaign with global reach, but limited so people must be searching for a service in my locality.


What is the best way to do this?Do I use phrase match or exact match for this?


For example, I would like my ads to appear for people in Dubai, or Germany, searching for paragliding specifically in South Wales, or Cardiff specifically.


Many thanks

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Re: Global reach, for a local service

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Hello, Jen.

First of all make sure that your targeting settings are "People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location" and then start doing some keyword research for "cardiff paragliding" and related terms. If you can find enough traffic from exact searches, start with that and see what happens. If you can't, move to phrase and modified broad matches.

However, don't target the entire world, start with countries that make more sense to begin with. I'm pretty sure that there are areas in your world that might get you clicks and costs yet absolutely no customer. So maybe excluding some countries could help keep costs under control.
Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Global reach, for a local service

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Dear Calin,

Many thanks for your reply and guidance.

Could I just check the meaning of "People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location" - does this mean that if I change my Target destination to Cardiff and Wales, you could be in Manchester but if you search "Paragliding Cardiff", my advert would appear?

Therefore, I don't need to necessarily have exact matches keywords that always feature "Cardiff" or "Wales" or "South Wales"?

Many thanks,