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Generating Keywords list

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Hi there, 


I'm working on a keywords list for a high end mobile product campaign. I've already added the product related keywords, however I'm being told to add in variants of keywords for other flagship devices (competition products). 

For example, if my product is Haier Air Conditioner. keywords like Philips toaster, Kenwood air conditioner, Dawlence Fans etc. should be added. 

I'd like to know if that's a good practice? From my understanding I believe this would lead to lower Quality score and a low performing campaign. 

Also please suggest, what's the best practice for creating a search campaign for a product that has a low demand. 

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Re: Generating Keywords list

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Hi there;

The examples you have given are "synonymד" / competitor brand names.  Close  variants are plurals, gerund (i.e. ing-form), male / female (as much as this applies to English)

Close variants are "automatically" added. (i.e. when a user query is in a close variant form  - of a given keyword - the query is matched to this keyword.) But, definitely add competitors name as keywords. 

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Re: Generating Keywords list

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Hi Amelia,

Some of the terms listed will more than likely give you a lower QS, but that doesn't mean they are not worthwhile bidding on. I'd recommend housing those keywords in a separate campaign, which will give you an extra level of control over budgets, delivery etc. If you then decide that these terms are not providing the required level of return, simply pause the campaign.