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GSP optimize vs unoptimized

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based on GSP optimize vs unoptimized I want to know 2 things, what can we do to increase performance [do we need to optimise more] and should we be spending more to get a better return?

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Re: GSP optimize vs unoptimized

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Hi Caryn,

The best way to optimize a GSP campaign is to look at your 'Criteria Reports' under the Reports section and optimize your campaign accordingly. If you are not exactly sure what criteria's in a GSP campaign are then let me help you there too. Criteria's are actually the different individual targeting options that you have employed in your campaign.

A criteria can be a single targeted keyword or a Interest category or even a job profile that you have targeted. By understanding how these individual criterias have performed you can understand which one of them are working for you and which aren't.

You can then look to either split the campaigns as per the criteria's you are targeting or start bidding for a group of similarly themed criteria's. By splitting your themes you can then have better control over how much your criteria is spending and what are the returns from the same.

Also to answer your last question on spending more for better return, It totally depends on how well your targeting is. The more money you allocate to a campaign, more it tends to spend. If your targeting is very closely relevant then you will be reaching out to the most relevant set of audience with the budget allocated and adding more budget to such a campaign makes sense but the same is not true if your targeting is very wide and does not concentrate on a specific set of audience because the quality of returns are not going to great then.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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