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G+ / Webise Linkink problem

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I made a webpage, then I made a G+Page, then I followed these steps :-


1) Visit your Google+ page, open its profile, and click 'Edit profile'
2) On the About tab, save your website URL, then click the new button, 'Link website'
3) Follow the instructions for adding a short line of code to your website's homepage, then click 'Test website'


Problem is, the TEST always turns out as failed Smiley Sad

I inserted the appropriate code in my website, both the index and the contacts page.

Can anyone help me out?

My website is: 

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Re: G+ / Webise Linkink problem

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Hi Alessandro P,

Are you trying to implement social annotations in AdWords?

If you're just trying to link up your G+ page with your website, you might want to try out the Google+ Community, as they can probably offer some more insight:!forum/google-plus-discuss

Re: G+ / Webise Linkink problem

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Actually I solved that one problem.
Instead of linking the pretty alias I had to link the not so pretty true adress

This worked to link the web-page to a corresponding G+Page.
But it still doesn't help when I try to make Google Analytics work with my website.
And understand IF my website is discoverable through Google Search results.

Any help here? Smiley Happy
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Re: G+ / Webise Linkink problem

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Hello, Alessandro.

Your website is indexed, search for the first sentence after "Hi.", between quotation marks and you'll find it. Of course, it is the page that is indexed.

The Analytics code also works there.

When loading it from the pretty URL though, you'll have two Analytics codes which are fired. The one on the HTML hosted on the .es URL, and the one from googledrive, loaded in the iframe.

Of course, the .es page is not and will not be indexed, as the original content sits on googledrive, and the .es page is considered as duplicate content.
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Re: G+ / Webise Linkink problem

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Thanks Smiley Happy

For some reason, the past few days my searches turned out nothing useful, and the Analytics didn't register any traffic.
Today it all magically works o_O

Go figure Smiley Tongue