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Finding an Audience - Mortgage Lenders

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I have a client that wants to market a new tool that helps mortgage lenders do their jobs better.


I am having a little trouble finding the audience as mortgage tools/software in search is tiny, and related areas seem to be too far out from the bulls eye.


On the Display Network, the Industry sites/forums have obstacles or are lacking as well (no GDN, or inability to place where GDN exists).


If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it.

Regards, Doug

Re: Finding an Audience - Mortgage Lenders

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Hi PPCBuilders,

Placement tool-
Have you tried using Placement tool available in “Tools and analysis > Placement tool”
And search 
mortgage lenders
mortgage lender

I can see quite no. of relevant websites, where you can promote the tool.

Controlling CPA-
As I understand the CPA also needs to be controlled, so you can choose below targeting methods to reach the relevant audience-

Keywords + placements- Targeting: Keywords AND placements
Interest categories+ age- Targeting: Interest categories AND age range
Keywords + topics- Targeting: Keywords AND topics
Remarketing + gender- Target: Remarketing AND gender
Topics + interest categories- Targeting: Topics AND interest categories

To get the placement websites, you can get option below-
Campaign > Display network > Placements > Change display targeting > Select an ad group > Search for placement ideas

Campaign types-
Which type of campaign type are you using- search only.
Generally I create 3 types of campaign to gauge the performance-
Search only with keywords and text ads
Display banners with keywords in display networks
Display network text ads with keywords 
Based on the performance, campaigns can be budgeted and fine tuned.

Hope this helps!