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Faked clicks on my site

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I suspect for the past two weeks for faked clicks on my site due low rate of registration to my site against clicks on adwords.

As I investigated this issue, here I my conclusions.

Same clicks for ADWORDS, GOOGLE ANALYTICS, statistic on site hosting server, statistic on a kind of algorithm I have wrote.

For 12 clicks, I got 4 clicks from US, which is not in my campaign.


I got the IP address.
as I have checked by site:
and some others.

and also by site (for api),

Also, another one suspected (a click on adwords, after seeing my site, and login into it).

1. How can I know for sure the IPs I gave are from US? May this be not correct. I want google site that is not on/off and I can rely on it (also for php IP resolve).

2. How can I ensure people not clicking from the same IP? (If there is a predefined period, such as 6 month or year that the clicks can be count again - where can I declare that).

3. Can I see the region statistically - If in Google Analytics, please give me some guidelines, because I am quite new to ADWORDS and GOOGLE ANALYTICS.

4. What can I do next?

5. Can I enable all and only the countries which are set for my campaign? (i.e us - will be automatically avoid. It is easier to enable, because I have only 5 countries on campaign. Disable is much more ...)


Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Faked clicks on my site

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Hi Eitam,

Thanks for the detailed query and investigation you have done so far.

I would like say that low registration is always a not a case of fake clicks. It could be a case of user behaviour as well.

Coming to question of clicks you received from US, I would request you to check your advanced location option setting of your AdWords campaign. Maybe you received clicks because of query parsing.

Regarding multiple clicks from same IP address, you can be assured that Google takes care of this behaviour. If you suspect any IP then you can exclude the IP address in your AdWords campaign.

To see region specific data, you can refer to geographic report in dimension tab of your AdWords campaign.

Since you are new to AdWords, I would recommend you to go through the following community post about invalid clicks, which explains how Google combats invalid clicks.

If you still have concerns, then you can contact the support team.