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Expected ROI

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Hi All,


I wanted to know, How much be the ROI if some books or magazine related website invested Rs.50,000 in SEM campaign (35000 for Google Adword & 15000 for FB ads). In generic what will be the expected ROI,


And Please help in allocating Rs.35000 in different types of Ad campaign suitable for the website.


Goasl is to achieve more sales!



Expected ROI

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Hi @shakira s


This is potentially a huge question Smiley Happy


There is no possible way of calculating this accurately i believe completely blind. If you have account history, it may be possible to perform confidence levels and what if scenarios, but even then markets change and so could well many other factors.


I would encourage you to calculate the necessary gross margin calculations needed before you start the campaign and work out either a CPA model or a cost of sales % model. I would then encourage you perform small tests to see if the areas you are investing on within search appear to be within your expectations and make economic sense and build out and optimise from there.


The beauty of AdWords is you can take things slow and test small amounts.


Good luck