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Exact Match

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I will try my best to describe what exactly I need. From the previous version of the same Google's Keyword Tool (now Keyword Planer) , you could switch between "broad" search and "exact" match by checking the boxes on the very left side of the screen. By checking the appropriate box (broad or exact), your searching results would be different. Now, I am trying to find that option but I cannot find it at all? Seems like there is no such option in this new version of the tool? I would really like step by step instructions on where to find exact match. 


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Re: Exact Match

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Hi there;

Straight from the horse's mouth:

>>"Keep in mind that historical stats like average monthly searches are only shown for exact match. For example, let's say your keyword is dark chocolate. If you want to check that keyword's average monthly searches, we'll show you the same exact match stats whether you use a broad, phrase, or exact match type with dark chocolate.

Traffic forecasts like clicks and cost, on the other hand, do take into account keyword match types. For example, if you get forecasts for a list of broad match keywords, we'll take into account any overlap between those keywords."

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Exact Match

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I am looking for a way to get an exact match for monthly searches. I called Google and they could not figure it out. In the old ad words you could have a landing page and use exact match and it would give you your results for monthly searches based on exact match.

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Hi Nathan,

To add to Moshe's comment, if you use the Traffic forecast tool, you can simply use the match type in your search. For instance, you can search [girls clothing], "girls clothing", and girls clothing to get different traffic estimates for each.

Hope this helps!

Re: Exact Match

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Hi Nathan,


I understand your frustration on this. I too get a bit confused at times too while using the new Keyword Tool.


To get what you want you need to go to the Keyword Planner and choose the 'Get Estimates for Set of Keywords' option, it will be the 3rd option from the top in front of you.




A dialogue box should open where in you can put in your keywords for which you need the traffic estimates. Note - You can specify the matchtype with the square brackets [ ] for Exact & the double quotes " " for the Phrase keywords here if you wish to. I would advise that you put in the whole list of keywords with any matchtypes when doing this.



Planner 2.png

Once the keywords are fed in, change the geo if you like, change any setting that you think does not apply to you, then hit ' Get Forecasts'. Next step is kind of tricky, You need to decide on the max budget that you want to allocate to these set of themes and the max CPC (your best educated guess) and then feed the same at the left top pane on the page.


Once these two factors are in place, hit enter and you will search volumes show up for your keywords ( for most of them atleast). This step is essential here because by doing this, you will have an idea as to the numbers you need to look out for (that change) when you are shifting between matchtypes. Next step is to look for the Matchtype drop box.


Planner 3.png


When you select the drop down, you will see the three matchtype options here that you can choose from;


Planner 4.png


Select the matchtype you want the search volumes for and should see the numbers estimates change for most keywords.


Note - Please keep in mind you will see estimates change if you have added all keywords without any matchtypes (no [ ] or " " with the keywords). If you do use the keywords with matchtypes when you start this process, you will all the other matchtype keywords move out of the keyword list and just those keywords will remain that are in the selected matchtype. 


I understand this could be a time consuming affair but this is the only way at the moment where you get traffic data based on matchtypes.


Hope this helps.





Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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