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Evaluating Digital Advertising Effectiveness Pre Campaign

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Hello all


Have any of you used any digital advertising survey-based approach that isolates campaign impact on key brand and behavioural metrics before running an Adwords Campaign? - Are these qualitative analysis working to optimize campaigns and target more accurately?


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Re: Evaluating Digital Advertising Effectiveness Pre Campaign

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Hi 0906 S, to paraphrase Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke, "No AdWords plan survives first contact with the public."  While research and planning are essential elements to inform the creation of a new marketing campaign, it's highly likely that detailed predictions about cost or performance will not match the results seen when the campaign goes live in the real world.  The variation from predictions are not always in the wrong direction - sometimes a campaign can be much more successful than anticipated - but I think it's highly unlikely anyone will ever say "Yep, those Campaigns are all performing exactly the way I predicted."


I'm a big fan of surveys when appropriately designed and applied to the right audience and Google does now offer the ability to run (at cost) surveys across demographics and regions via Google Consumer Surveys so I'd certainly encourage research of some kind before spending on advertising but I'd also caution that any results or predictions be treated as estimates rather than certainties.



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