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Estimation Required

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I want to know how to calculate my budget to get 5000 visitors for my site. I want ot know how much daily budget and monthly budget we required to run a campaign to get 5000 visitor for my site. My site


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Re: Estimation Required

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Hi there,

Your Average CPC (cost-per-click) will depend on various factors, but at least you need to consider what locations and keywords will you target.

I would say that you shouldn't run a PPC campaign if it's just for traffic. If you target any keywords related to "domain" or "hosting" you can easely pay £5 per click and you can't expect to find many keywords below £2.5.

Roughly (in British pounds and using AdWords), I would say:

- Avg. CPC £4.5 (this considers you'll target cheap keywords such as "free hosting solutions"
- Total cost for 5000 clicks being £22.500
- The period of time is a bit random. It might take over a month to achieve this, if you want to keep Avg. CPC low.

Again, as your website doesn't look like it's being monetized in anyway. I would recommend another strategies to increase traffic, such as linkbuilding and social link building (need inspiring content for better results).

-- Since your website isn't well know and an authority in your subjects, I would say you should consider a bounce rate of, at least, 50%. --

Good luck,

Re: Estimation Required

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Like many of these things, you will need to run small test campaign to get an idea of how much a click is going to cost. Once you can see the average cost per click then you'll know how much you're going to have to spend to get 5,000 clicks.

But be aware.... if you focus on clicks - and getting the cheapest clicks you can, then you are likely to do yourself a disservice because the cheapoest clicks are likely to be the least likely to convert.

Let me explain.....

Getting a click from an ad that appears in the top position for one of your core keywords at a prime time of the day when all your competitors are active, is going to be more expensive than a click at 4am on an ad that appeared in the 9th position for a loosely related broad match keyword.

But which wold you rather have? I know it depends on a lot of factors, but for most people the answer would be the first... and then the next question would be... how much more is the better click going to cost - and you take a view.

Essentially - would you prefer to pay $1 a click and convert 2% of your visitors or pay 10 cents a click and convert none of them?

Unfortunately, the short sighted focus on getting as many clicks for the budget is often the approach people choose.

Re: Estimation Required

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Hey Anurag,


Keywords, Ads and Landing Pages:
There are a number of things to consider when planning your AdWords marketing campaign.  Start by making sure that your website has landing pages for the products or services that you will want to advertise.  This will make it much easier for you to develop a solid list of high quality and relevant keywords, ads and ad groups so that you can reach your traffic goals and ensure that you target and invest in traffic that is interested in what you have to offer.


Consider Your Goals:
After that, make sure that you are targeting the right goal.  Consider what you ultimately hope these 5,000 visitors to do on your site (sign-ups, purchases, contact forms, brand awareness) and then align your goals with your desired outcome.  This will allow you to measure your success rate instead of just traffic alone and make strategic changes to your approach to bring you closer to your goals.


Get Traffic Estimates for a List of Keywords:
While traffic volumes fluctuate and you can never guarantee a certain number of visitors within a certain time period.  If you'd like to estimate the results that you might be able to achieve, try using the Keyword Planner Tool located under the Tools and Analysis tab in your adwords account.  Since you want to estimate potential traffic, try using the "Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords" tool first.  This will allow you to estimate the daily clicks and impressions that you might receive for a certain daily budget and CPC bid.


Good Luck!