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Empty remareketing lists after importing to adwords

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I have a following problem with my remarketing lists. First I created some lists in GA based on location  (Regions in Poland) to personalize ads based on location in Adwors:
Then, I import all lists to Adwords Acount, and after about 2 weeks I checked how it looks. I find some of the lists completly empty!

Then, I took a sample remarketing region list (the first one on the list - Dolnoslaskie Region) and checked  if there had been some users from this region since I implement the list. Based on analytics stats there had been 226 visits from this Region, so I don;t now how my list can be empty in Adwords...

Then I thought I get my filter wrong on the particular list, so I checked it and found out, that the condition is OK and aplied to 7% of my visitors, and estimated value showed a number of 121:

Please help me figure out what is wrong, is it an import issue or am I not seeing something.

It doesn't look like Analytics issue, but rather an Adwods problem...



Re: Empty remareketing lists after importing to adwords

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Hello Ecol U , Welcome to the Community,


I have viewed your images.


1) If you are referring to the column "List size (Google Search)" . Since all your lists use Google Analytics, you should know that it does not yet support the feature to gather audiences for RLSA, only lists made with the Google AdWords Tag have this feature.


2) If you are  referring to the column "List Size (Display Networks) "  I can see in an image that 4 of the lists have visitors. So not all lists are empty.


3) You are wondering later on why Analytics shows for the region Dolnośląskie that the estimate is 121 visitors for the last 7 days, and yet in the column "List Size (Display Networks) " there are two lines -- , meaning zero ?


Question is for the row 3 where you have in the Audience 120 , what estimate does Analytics provide ? Is it the same number or larger ?


The same for the row 2 where you have the audience 24, how much is Analytics estimating for the last 7 days ?

Re: Empty remareketing lists after importing to adwords

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Thank You Adrian, Nice to be in the Community,
1) and 2) Yeah, I was refering only to display network lists. You're right, some of them are not empty. These are those which aren't filterd based by region, but other demensions (language) or just contained all visitors who visited my website. So maby there is sth wrong with Region filtering.
3) Yes, the column "List Size (Display Networks) shows '--' for my example list, in spite of the fact that analytics estimated 121 visitors for the lat 7 days for 'Dolnoslaskie' region.

In the row 3 - I've go list based on language of users (en-gb, en-us), it curently has 130 users in adwords (which means it has grown since my first post from 120 to 130). After checking it in Analytics:
It returns 74 estimate users from last 7 days.
It returns 128 estimate users from last 30 days.

In the row 2 (the list created based on russion language) it still has 24 users in adwords
in Analytics:
It returns 20 estimate users from last 7 days.
It returns 30 estimate users from last 30 days

Can it be only region-based lists problem?

Re: Empty remareketing lists after importing to adwords

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So the rows 2 and 3 obtained by filtering language show accurate data that match the estimates in the Analytics interface.


I wouldn't say that the filtering is malfunctioning when you have chosen regions, because Analytics does show estimates even for the audiences with zero number in AdWords.

My guess is that something is stuck at the importing stage from Analytics to AdWords. To diagnose this it is best to request someone from Google to take a look at your account. To do this you can call them at your local number found here :


If you could later on, return to post the solution here, it could help others too Smiley Happy