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Eliminating names other than my own from a search.

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I'm paying for some expensive hits.  People are searching for specific names other than my own plus "industrial photography".  I'd be happy to use the specific term [industrial photography] and not even have my own name part of it if it would eliminate these expensive, unwanted click throughs.  Is there something I can add in front of a search term that will ignore whatever is in front of the search term I want used?





Re: Eliminating names other than my own from a search.

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This is where negative keywords come into place. You can set negative keywords by campaign or ad group.


By adding negative keywords, Your ad will not show for keyword queries that contain your negative term(s).

Add negative keywords to your campaign

I usually have all male and female first names ( except those applicable) into a negative keyword list. You can attempt to get these names by Google searching baby names or something similar.

Re: Eliminating names other than my own from a search.

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Hi Clark,


As Eric said, Adding Negative keywords will help you to reduce irrelevant clicks for your ads. I would like to add more about negative keyword strategies.



  • For you campaigns you don’t want to show your add for your competitor Brand terms and your Brand terms. Action insights will help you to find out your competitors you can add their brand name as negative keywords (see the screenshot for view action insights).


  • Go through with the below articles for more details about Negative keywords strategies.