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Edit business details at set up

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Hi, I have set up an adwords account under this email. I am currently doing freelance work and wish to set up various different campaigns for different clients. I was unaware of the Multiple Manager account until after I registered with this email, unfortunately I do not have another email address and dont wish to set up another one.


Is there any way to change the business details, as I understand each adwords account only allows for one business to be registered, and so I can alternate between campaign set ups? or another option please?





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Re: Edit business details at set up

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Hi Rebeca,


If you're going to be managing clients you really do need to be using an MCC so that each client has their own Account, owned by them, and managed by you under the MCC.


You can switch your "normal" AdWords Account to an MCC, but you will need to create one more email address, I'd suggest you use Gmail.  The good news is that once you've completed the "move" you can pretty much disregard this new email address as you'll then have your current email as the owner of the MCC.  However, personally I prefer to keep one Account under my MCC as my own to carry out various tests and experiments.


To move to an MCC, first create a new email, then link that email to your current AdWords Account and make it an administrator.  Then logout, login as the new email, go to AdWords and remove your old email from the Account.  This email is now free to be used for your MCC.  Create a new MCC using your old email address.


You can now optionally link the original AdWords Account under that MCC and I'd personally recommend this as it'll give you first-hand experience of doing this which will be handy when you do it with clients.



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