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Dynamic search ads help

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does anyone here have a little bit more experience with dynamic search ads?

I'm slowly getting along with it, but I still have have some doubts about how it exactly works, because there is so little information about it.

So my questions are: I want to add some dynamic ads targets and I wonder whether PAGE_TITLE/PAGE_CONTENT or URL are case sensitive?


For example, if I add food for dogs in title, is google going to look for this exact expression or will it find also something like Food For Dogs or food FOR dogs etc..


Next question is following: Do I need good SEO for dynamic search ads advertising? If I have bad SEO my dynamic search ads won't show up?


From what I've read dynamically generated headline can reach over limit for non-dynamic ads which is 25 characters. How long can dynamically generated headline be and what happens when it's too long? Is it going to be inappropriately cut off?

What happens when I add URL as my target: food-for-dogs and there is similar product with similar url that also ends like that: fancy-food-for-dogs .

Which website is going gonna show to the client if he searches for food for dogs?

in other words what if there's similar product name: pedigree vital brush and pedigree vital dry food.
and the client is going to search only pedigree vital. What site is he going to be transfered PVB or PVDF?


+one slightly unrelated question about breadcrumbs - what happens if path is too long + how long can it be?


thanks in advanceSmiley Happy

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Re: Dynamic search ads help

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Hi Alex A,


Thanks for posting! 


1. It doesn't mention a case sensitive requirement in the Help Center article so I don't think they are. 

2. The AdWords system uses Google's organic search index of your website to determine which searches might be relevant to the products and services offered on your website, your website is not crawled separately. As such, I'd imagine it is quite essential that your URLs, tags, and any other SEO elements are all optimized for quality performance.

3. The headline is dynamically put together by taking words from a user's search phrase when they enter it into Google, and from the content of the most relevant landing page generated for the ad. We don't know exactly how long the dynamicly generated headline can be, however I don't think the system would input a headline text that is too long. 

4. Your Destination URL will link to the most appropriate page from your website. So if you have similar landing pages you might want to separate them out into different targets. The article here is really helpful and should provide you with some good insights. 


I hope this helps! 


Re: Dynamic search ads help

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Rachel In dynamic search ads which kind of keywords to be added or no need to add keywords?
Please let me know.

Re: Dynamic search ads help

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Hi @Vandana Sharma 


Dynamic Search Ad's do not use keywords, however, you can still control your ad's by using negative keywords.


Please see here for more details -


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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Re: Dynamic search ads help

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Thanks Tom for this info.