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Dynamic Keyword Insertion Question

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I work at an agency & recently took over some accounts from a couple other managers. I have seen some really horrible things, but today I saw an ad with the title {KeyWord:Local Divorce Lawyer} 

No big deal looks good. Only problem was there wasn't a keyword for Local Divorce Lawyer in the ad group. What would be the outcome of using a keyword that isn't in your ad group?


Honestly I never thought about this before because I would never use a keyword that wasn't in the ad group.  


Please, let me know it's driving me nuts!!!

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Re: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Question

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Hi @Patience B

The defaulted text (the text within the brackets) is NOT a keyword - it's a word / text.

The system would try to replace this text code  with a keyword, but if unsuccessful - it will use the text / word  in the code.


>>". Doing this means that when a keyword can't be inserted in your ad, we'll insert (the word) "Chocolate"  instead.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Question

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Hi @Patience B it's not uncommon to find the default text not exactly matching any of the Keywords in the Group, that's almost a definition of its function.

DKI inserts the keyword that has matched a search query but you need some default text in case the matching Keyword can't be used for some reason.  If you've got, say, 5 Keywords in a Group, it makes some sense that the default text is a good representation of all those Keywords - kind of an average, if you will.  To use an example close to that used by AdWords themselves in the example @MosheTLV quoted, you can imagine a Group containing the Keywords:


dark chocolates

milk chocolates

chocolate truffles

filled chocolates


and an Ad with the Headline Buy {KeyWord:Chocolates}.  "Chocolates" isn't any one of the actual Keywords, but works as a default for all of them.


As a matter of interest, we've had some recent debate in another community about how useful - or not - DKI actually is.  You could argue (as I do) that using DKI can merely indicate that your Groups aren't tightly enough focused.  For example, you could say that all four of those Keywords should really lead to different landing pages and have Ads that are more specific, so they should be in their own Groups.  But DKI can still be useful when experimenting or testing a new Campaign.



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Re: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Question

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Rising Star
Hi Patience B,

I think Moshe & Jon have summarized DKI for you quiet brilliantly.

I think you should go about checking the DKI headlines that have been used in your adgroups and check if all of them are valid, if not, I suggest you change them immediately and try and use a default text that is representation of the entire adgroup (like Jon mentioned). If your adgroups are not tightly themed then you may need to regroup them and revise the structure to an extent or to make things simpler, remove DKI from your ads and replace them with normal static headlines (relevant ones obviously).

If you have any other questions or queries about DKI, I am sure we can help you out with them.

Hope this Helps!

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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