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Hello community,


new adwords editor is telling me that keywords 4771 exact match and 4771 4771 exact match are duplicated keywords. But are they really?




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Re: Duplicates

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Apparently, you are running "Find duplicate keywords" tool with "any word order" option. This option also ignores word repetition, so for example "a b", "a b a", "b a b" would all be considered duplicates.

If that's not what you want, use "strict word order" option.

Re: Duplicates

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Exactly Igor,

thanks for your answer. Good to know that.

Re: Duplicates

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AdWords Editor has tools to find and edit duplicate keywords, giving your ads a better chance of success.

Select Tools > Find duplicate keywords.
Select the part of your account where you want to search for duplicates. Check the box next to the account name to search the whole account, or select specific campaigns or ad groups.
Select the criteria for your search, including:
Word order
Match types
Location of duplicates
Hide duplicates (optional)
Click Find duplicate keywords.

Hope this helps



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