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Duplicate keywords in same Adgroup, compete each other

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Hello! I'm new to Adwords, 


I have these modified broad match keywords in same Adgroup, I have labeled 3 keywords as A,B,C


A : +plc +programming

B : +plc programming +course

C : learn +plc +programming


Please someone explain which keywords are competing against each other?

If I'm doing anything wrong, Kindly suggest me a way better way. Please help me to understand this modified broad match thing without creating competition among my own Ads.




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Re: Duplicate keywords in same Adgroup, compete each other

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Hi Sandaruwan,

Well - B and C both contain A, therefore, any search query that would match B or C, could also match for A.

If you're not requiring the terms 'programming' in B, or 'learn' in C, removing those terms leaves you with:

A: +plc +programming
B: +plc +course
C: +plc +programming

When deciding on which keywords to use and their respective match types, you have to think about how they will interact with your other keywords as well, does it make sense to add this keyword or not?

I don't know what the account looks like, what plc means in this case but just simply based on what you have listed here, I might try:

A: +plc +programming
B: +plc +course
C: +learn +plc

When you use broad match keywords, you should always be looking for the best search queries that match these keywords so you can add them to your account in tighter match types (phrase & exact - in very rare cases Broad with modifiers).

If you have strong ad copies and a significant handle on your negative keywords, this could, hypothetically work.

The other option is to start adding in more phrase and exact natch keywords based on the search queries that are generating the best return for you.

Again, my suggestions are simply based on what I can see here, you should use extreme caution with broad match keywords or you could be serving impressions for irrelevant search queries which could lead to unwanted clicks.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Duplicate keywords in same Adgroup, compete each other

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Hello PPC Bossman, Thanks for detailed reply.

Need further advice, I'll give you some background details about this campaign.

PLC (programmable logic controller) is a programmable electronic device, which every industrial engineer or student should know how to program. I'm running this ad campaign to get signups for upcoming PLC programming course of our institute.

I have strong list of negative keyword set to avoid unwanted impressions/clicks. Sometimes people search for PLC prices, used PLC, buy PLC, PLC ebay, PLC prices alibaba, etc.

In this campaign we don't need people who search to buy PLCs. We need people who want to learn how to program it.


Sometimes people might search for "PLC programming tutorials" or "PLC programming examples" even if these search terms are quite similar to learning PLC programming, I thought of exclude them as negative (tutorials, examples) keywords for this Ad Group.

I think both the plc & programming words should be there in every search term (+plc +programming). Additionally there should be another word like learn/course/study.

My Adcopy is also very relevant, which has "PLC programming course" as the heading & have "PLC programming" twice in the ad description (hope this is not over optimizing).

Please kindly help me on defining the right keywords for this AdGroup.