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Don't understand clicks/impressions displayed for daily amount set.

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I'd greatly appreciate some feedback on what the clicks and impressions represent when setting up a campaign. 

Trying to set up campaign for a customer who has a tight niche product.

We've set $25 per day as the budget, but when selecting keywords I see a low number for search popularity, which is understandable because of the product, the largest search figure is 12,000.

The daily potential reach figures though, don't make sense to me. With 12,000 potential searches I see 0 clicks and 8 impressions. 


Other keywords show (Searches) (Clicks/Impressions)

390 0/32

40 0/0

260 0/0

3600 0/16

1900 0/4

3600 0/32

So, looking at the three largest searches by popularity, we have 12,000 & 2 x 3,600 with 0 clicks and 8, 16 & 32 impressions respectively.

Does this mean that the budget isn't enough to get even one click, or there's no point in targeting that key phrase in the first place because even if we get impressions, it's unlikely that anyone with click on the ad?


Or, that the bids are so high that we can only get a small number of impressions for the $25 per day?




Hope you can understand the somewhat convoluted request.


Re: Don't understand clicks/impressions displayed for daily amount set

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Hi George,

Can you answer the below questions:
1.)Since how many days you have been running your campaign ?
2.)What is the competition of the keywords that you are targeting ?
3.)What is the status of your keywords ? Are they showing eligible ?

  • Low volume niches obviously gets low impressions and clicks..
  • By looking at the Est. first page bid and Est. top page bid you can know that what is the avg top page bid. Bid for that to get more impressions.
  • The usual click through rate of keywords is 1%-3%. So to get that first you need to get the sufficient ad impressions. And then if you don't get the clicks you can further investigate about your ads and keywords.

 Hope this helps you. Ready to help you further.


Thanks and Regards

John Paul

Re: Don't understand clicks/impressions displayed for daily amount set

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In your case ( tight niche product) I would do the following to get more impression and clicks:

1: Use less restrictive keyword match types like broad match type rather than exact match type.

2: Expand you Geographic targeting , but you must make sure that the new location is relevant your business.

3: Use accelerated delivery method rather the standard delivery method.. by doing that you ensure you are not missing any relevant search process.

4: Add more new keywords ( just make sure the new keywords are relevant to your business) , you can use the search term reports to get new keywords ideas OR Google Anayltics (if available) to see organic search terms that lead to traffic to your site.

5: Increase your bids , the higher your bids the higher position will be, which lead to more traffic.

Hope that helps!

Re: Don't understand clicks/impressions displayed for daily amount set

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Thanks for your replies John Paul and Ahmed.

At this stage, please disregard the questions previously posed in the OP. I'm probably get more of an understanding of that area later. As I said it was for a customer or ours and was meant purely as a simulation.

I am however, setting up an account for my own business at the moment and a lot of what you both have said means very little to me for a number of reasons...

1. I'm going through the " Your first campaign" page. Different keywords and different click and impression figures. I'll ask questions about these because they will be a real campaign.

2. I've gone through as far as the billing info.

3. At this stage, I've not had an option for a date range to run the campaign. I don't want it to start immediately...I've still got some work to do on our website to match it to the campaign.

4. I am not given a prepaid option so that I can actually control a monthly spend. My concern is that the campaign will continue to suck money that will be in excess of my monthly budget.

5. I can't get access to any keyword competition data. Everything I try just takes me back to the adwords page and the basic keyword tool which shows number of searches, but not competition.

I've had a look at a few others that are available online, but they all appear to give global results, not region specific.

6. I've had a bit of a play with the daily budget and find that doubling the daily budget doubles the impressions but only increases the clicks by 50%. Increasing the budget by 1000% (x10) increases the clicks by 200% and the impressions by 50%. I'm trying to find some logical pattern in the figures and am failing miserably.

So, what I'm seeing is that (hypothetically) $5 will potentially give me 2000 impressions and 16 daily clicks. $50 will give me 3000 impressions and 31 clicks. Best ROI appears to be $5/day.

Yes. I'm confused.