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Does google match keywords to ads in adgroups?

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Does anyone know if adwords can make the best match for keywords in an ad group?
I know you´re supposed to make groups for each keywords (and 1 to 3 ads)
But I have a group for a product (and i have many different products) and for example tables goes into one group. Then i have black tables aswell as white, glass, plexi, wooden, small, big, cheap, design - tables etc... 
So it wood be nice to have "cheap tables" "tables online" "white tables" for example in the same group with ads specifically for white tables or cheap tables and the landing pages might be different.

(I hope you get the point) I assume I can do that without getting bad matches and poor results as long as Google automatically match keywords to the most similar ads with the best landing page(?), in the group, when someone is searching online... 

Anyone experiended or from google who knows about this? I have tried googling Smiley Happy

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Re: Does google match keywords to ads in adgroups?

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Good morning.


No, the system does not match specific ads to specific keywords inside an Ad Group. All keywords in an Ad Group are presumed to be equally relevant to all the available ads.


In order to get "black tables" to show with ads for black tables you'll need to split those keywords and ads into a separate Ad Group.


Or, you could try using Dynamic Keyword Insertion to change the ad title/text to match the user's search query. It might help your situation.

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