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Does bounce rate influence quality score?

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Hello people,

I'm new on adwords, and I guess I will stress you a while with my silly questions. Hope that I won't be to annoying Smiley Happy


I'm trying to understand how quality score works and what I can do to improve it, so my question for you is: Does bounce rate (from my landing page) influence the quality score?


On all articles and videos provided by google I saw that the landing page is a very important factor for quality score. How does google know if my landing page is a quality one or not?



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Re: Does bounce rate influence quality score?

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No, quality score won't get affected by bounce rates. Hope it helps. Silly questions are welcome here!

Re: Does bounce rate influence quality score?

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Hi Nicolae ,


Question : Does bounce rate (from my landing page) influence the quality score?


Answer : No it does not.


Question : How does google know if my landing page is a quality one or not ?

Answer : Read the following link and you will undertand that there are many factors that matter
when it comes to Landing Page Quality.

Google names it "Understanding landing page experience"

I am sure reading the hole article will help you answering your question.

I hope i helped you here.

George Gemenetzis
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Re: Does bounce rate influence quality score?

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Hi Nicolae A,

This question comes up frequently. There is no documentation from Google that says bounce rate can affect your Quality Score. Although some have speculated this may be true, I don't believe it.

The quality of the landing page and how it affects QS is one of the great mysteries of life. Landing page is evaluated for "User Experience", and that's about all we really know. It has nothing to do with your keywords appearing on the page. Part of it can be the result of a manual review, most of it is done by computer.

While bounce rates do not directly affect your QS, high bounce rates indicate something is wrong with either your keywords, ads or landing page. Your keywords and ads are getting impressions and clicks from people who are just not interested in your offer (page bounces). Make sure you are conveying the right message on your landing page as your ads. This could mean changing either of them, or both.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Does bounce rate influence quality score?

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Hello Nicolae A


I have never saw explained how Adwords measures and calculate exact different quality score factors and honors different landing page factors.


Only important factor described :

But I do not think bouncerate is a factor. For bouncerate Adwords has to measure the site traffic of the whole website. And you need code on your website like Analytics. I never heard of using bouncerate as a factor.


And it would not be logical.

If you have a good landing page, with your telephone number. Your goal is that people call you. Maybe people call you, but your landing page has a bounce. That would be strange if that gives a low quality score. Because ad, landing page and action from visitor were all very effective.

But bouncerate can be a metric for you. If there is a reason to think that a high bouncerate for your landing place implies a negative thing (not much telephone calls, conversions). Than you have to look if you can improve your landing page.


See now that other people write faster than me

** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.