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Does all the campaigns create goes live?

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I need to learn with examples so that I can know better. Can I learn by creating new example campaign. But I doubt if that would go live, which I do not want to

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Re: Does all the campaigns create goes live?

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Hey Shraddha,


Yes there are multiple ways where you can do this. You can create a campaign and use all of the features available for campaigns without actually incurring costs for it.


Few Ways:

  • You can create a new account (a sandbox account) and don't give any billing information in the account. In this case, even if you miss the below 2 points, the ads and campaigns will not serve as there is no billing information in the account.
  • You can create a new campaign and then pause (inactive) the campaign. You can follow the instructions Here Once the campaign is paused, you can do everything and the campaign will not run. (recommended)
  • When you create a campaign and select the campaign settings, you can give Start Date of future (i.e Start Date and End Date settings of campaign) and continue to check every feature/setting. But note that you should pause the campaign once you check all the features (Follow Point 2) else your campaign will get active once the start date is reached.



Hope this Helps.


- Prashanth Reniguntala

Re: Does all the campaigns create goes live?

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Hey @shraddha s


I recommend you to learn about "Campaign Experiments" - I think you can have a great benefit out of it.


Learn more about it & how to use it in this link:



Good Luck,



Re: Does all the campaigns create goes live?

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Hey shraddha

If you have not provided the billing information than you are good to go.

you can create as many campaigns you want and you will not be charged.

but if you have provided the billing information you can always pause a campaign. Capture.PNG

and if still you are finding it difficult you can create a new google account for learning purpose.

i hope i answered your question.


Re: Does all the campaigns create goes live?

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Correct! The only way a campaign can go live is if you have all components in the campaign.
1. So, if there is no billing information - The campaign won't go live
2. If it is uploaded or created as paused, it won't go live.
3. If you give it a tiny budget and tiny bid like .01 - It won't go live.
4. If you don't have ad copy - It won't go live.

There are lots of things you can do to play and experiment. I highly recommend playing with all of the tools and getting comfortable.