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Does Display Network Targeting Narrow or Expand

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When I'm looking at the targeting methods such as 

  • display keywords
  • placements
  • topics
  • interests & remarketing
  • demographics

Does each additional targeting method I add widen the reach, or narrow it.


For example, if I choose "exercise equipment" on display keywords and then add "" under placements, does it only show my ads on pages with exercise equipment, or show my ads on exercise equipment related sites across the web as well as all of


I know it's basic, but I haven't seen it addressed in my searches yet, thanks!

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Re: Does Display Network Targeting Narrow or Expand

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If you check the option "Target and bid" then it will narrow targeting.
If you check "Bid only" option you can set different bid for that targeting but it does not have any influence on targeting.

Re: Does Display Network Targeting Narrow or Expand

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Hi Joe R,

I love this question, Google Display Network is used to reach a wide range of customers with broad/wide interests, choose which website to appear on, and to engage users. 


Concerning the example you asked, it will narrow it, for example placement targeting and topic targeting can be used together in a single ad group. If your campaign network setting is "Specific reach," your ad will appear only on pages of the placement that apply to the topic you've chosen.


My advice on that is, you should understand each of the targeting means and use the one that best suit your advertising goals. 




Re: Does Display Network Targeting Narrow or Expand

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Hi @Joe R,


Depends on how you target, Either you can apply Target and Bid or Bid Only. If You select Target and Bid, your ads will show to the user, who comes in nytimes and reads / consumes the similar content, that you added in keywords.

But when you target Bid Only, It will show to user who comes in nytimes and reads / consumes the similar content, as well as AdWords will show the ads to all those users, who visited other sites based on your keywords.


You can explore more here :-


--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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