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Do you work in a PPC or SEM agency?

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How do you manage your clients budgets?

So Client X wants to spend $30,000 a month in a 30 day month, how much is that per day? $1,000.

After 3 days into the month the account has spent $2,200. Is it spending below the required rate? yes, daily required rate is now $1,029.63.

Instead of calculating this manually each day or every 2nd day, is there a better way?

Have you developed a solution that does this for you automatically or semi-automatically?

Thanks for any tips or advice.

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Re: Do you work in a PPC or SEM agency?

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As per my understanding manual calculation is the only way.


But if you have multiple campaigns, using the newly introduced shared budget option is avery good idea.


This will allow you to spend the daily budget effeciently across mutliple campaigns.


Currently if you have one campaign and, if that is limitting your spend, better to expand your account with more campaigns.


You can do it lot of ways.


1. Devide your present campaign, move non performing keywords/adgroups to a different campaign. (Better not to move the best performers - Dont disturb the QS)

2. Find more profitable keywords, start a new campaign.

3. Try a new campaigns for products, services or geographies.


These are few ideas.


Giving independent budget will give more visibility to under used keywords in your account.


And you can control the spend by 'Shared Budget'.


More details about shared budget is here.


Hope this Helps.



Re: Do you work in a PPC or SEM agency?

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Not that it´s a solution that I work with often, but you could use the automated rules function and choose to pause campaigns (or ad groups or keywords) when they have reached a certian cost level, per day.