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Do you target language if you are targeting location?

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Hi! Smiley Happy


If you create campaign for lets say England and in your campaign settings you choose:


- Location targeting: England, United Kingdom

- Targeting method: People in my targeted location

- Exclusion method: People in my excluded location


would you also target people by language and choose English or would you target all languages?


My opinion is that it's better to target all languages if we are already targeting only people who live in England, because we don't know which their Google interface language setting is set to.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Do you target language if you are targeting location?

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Hi Mate,


In short, AdWords interface is not going to translate your text ad language to some another language if you are thinking about targeting all languages within a single campaign. You have to write the ad in that particular language if you are targeting multiple languages like Spanish, French etc...


You should create separate campaign for separate language. Doing this would actually help you identify which particular version of language works for which campaign. Based on that you can make different tweaks in terms of your account, landing page etc...Also ensure that your landing page is also in the same language which you are targeting in your campaign for better user experience.



Re: Do you target language if you are targeting location?

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Hi Pankaj,

thanks for your input, I agree with everything you said.

However, if we create campaign for England, so targeting England in locations and targeting English by language, we would still miss some people because not all of them have English as their Google interface language setting.

There are people from India, France, Germany etc. who live in England and maybe their interface lang. isn't English, but it wouldn't make sense to create separate campaigns for them because there are not that many people, do you agree?


So I think the solution to this is targeting all languages if there are not that many people who speak different language for which you would create new campaign.

P.s. I know Google wont translate text ad or keywords to other language.

Re: Do you target language if you are targeting location?

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Hi Mate;

For those users who are also fluent in other languages, and use different language in their UlanguagesI   add those languages to the languages targeted. e.g. If there is a user who is a native Russian speaker, and  also set on his browser English as an additional language, the ads in EN could be shown. 


Remember: the user's language is determined either by the user's settings, or by the browser UI. (User's settings are higher in the hierarchy)

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