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Do you have to pay for initall advertising costs?

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Hello Adwords Community,


Just a bit confused about Adwords and need some help. I have came across google adwords because my boss has been using it for our hair products which we pay someone else to advertise. He wishes to know if there is a inital upfront cost to advertise on Adwords or Google Shopping. For instance; I have a new product I wish to advertise like brogues, I want to get as much publicity as I can through the net, so I use Google Adwords. Do I need to pay an unfront cost of £50 before being able to advertise these brogues.


He also wishes to understand the scheduled costs for certain times. Does it still work like PPC for instance, I am advertising these brogues for £1.00 each click, I then add an adjustment of 10% to hopefully get on the 1st page when someone searches brogues. Do we pay per hour the scheduled costs for the certain hours the Adword is vissable or do we pay per click within them hours?


Hopefully someone can explain this to me because looking at various websites about adwords is very confusing. One is saying upfront cost of £50 and another is saying PPC


Thank you,


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Re: Do you have to pay for initall advertising costs?

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Hello there;

AdWords is a PPC advertising platform. You pay to Google only for the clicks occurred. Your ranking if a function of your bid and   performances of the keywords targeted - aka Quality Score. (And not as you indicated a surcharge above a base e fee).

However, your agency may  charge you management fees. For example, initial account set up, on-going management fees etc.... These fees should be transparent and should be  charged  separately from  the  costs paid to Google.

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Re: Do you have to pay for initall advertising costs?

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Good morning.


@MosheTLV has given you some very good information.


In addition to that, I would strongly recommend that you read the AdWords Help Center information, which gives details about the different components of a campaign and how they work together.


It's very important to understand how the system works before you start setting up a campaign and spending money. You'll need to make some decisions from the start that will affect how successful your advertising is.


If you have specific questions, please do post them here and we'll be happy to try to help.


Good luck!

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