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Do low search keywords ever show or am I wasting time?

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I have the ability to create about 20,000 keywords/ads for real estate listing addresses on a weekly basis pretty simply.


It is not uncommon for a consumer to find a home they like while out driving or on another website and then search the address in Google. I am just not sure if it is even worth the time and effort or if my ads will even show because the search volume would be so low? Maybe a just few dozen searches.


Any feedback or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Re: Do low search keywords ever show or am I wasting time?

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An interesting one.

Purely my thoughts only but I believe there may be a shortcut for you here, by the use of google docs and scripts. You would need to use the API I suspect in some manor.

Whether or not this would produce the goods is questionable but possible. It all depends on your objectives and the purpose of your campaign. Since you only pay cpc, however, a test would be the best thing to do.

I would imagine you would have to be pretty hot with negative KW or be extremely accurate with your exact kw selection.

I will be interested to learn the other community members thoughts on this

All the best

James Edward

Re: Do low search keywords ever show or am I wasting time?

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I don't think the extra (a lot of) work would benefit;
These endless lists of keywords come down to the Pareto law: - 20% of the keywords serve 80% of the traffic;
So, I would try to target by zip codes.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Do low search keywords ever show or am I wasting time?

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Hi Daniel,

I agree with what others have said - there is probably a faster way to do this but it may not be worth your time. Depending on how long-tail your keywords are, they may not show due to search volume. This is especially true if you are using the full address.

My suggestion, like MoshTLV, would be to target different zip codes. Then you could add street names, neighborhood names and real estate terms to target customers and show the appropriate ad. I'm not suggesting that you should update your keywords with every new listing. Rather, if they are interested in living in a certain zip code, they may be open to viewing other homes in the neighborhood. If you split your ad groups into neighborhoods you could activate and pause ad groups as you see fit, based upon where you have houses for sale and by what neighborhoods are similar in price range.

Hope this helps!
Amy Bishop, Clix Marketing