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Display planner results

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Sometimes you search the web and  come accross a website that you think it 'd be reliable to show your product or service on. Is display planner able to tell you  this publisher is on GDN  or not ? As sometimes you get results like this : .

For instance, if no ad formats are available, does that mean, simply put,  this publisher don't take part to adsense network ?

Tks in advance..

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September 2015

Re: Display planner results

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Hmm...This seems to be the case; though that  shouldn't be. Since the integration of "DoubleClick ad Planner" into AdWords (becoming "display ad planner")  - all sites are part of the display network;


>>"As of September 5th, Ad Planner information is limited to placements within the Google Display Network (GDN). GDN Ad Planner no longer provides information on any sites, domains, or non-GDN placements. You can still search for sites and domains that are in the GDN, but GDN Ad Planner will only provide information on the associated placements;


Could be that this is a new site and info hasn't been added yet?

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Re: Display planner results

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Tks Moshe..

In fact, i've done some more tests this morning to verify some or domains i know for sure, if you get a blank  page (as screenshot) with  the placement listed,  means  that the publisher is  no longer or have never been a gdn partner ..A simple message saying 'this placement is not a GND publisher" 'd be better and not confusing.