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Display network targeting

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Hi guys,


I have set up a display campaign targeting eight niche sites.


It is the first display campaign I have set up for a clients account. We currently have some search campaigns but thought we would give display a go.


Some of the sites that I have targeted are large publications type sites that would receive thousands of hits, some smaller with much less traffic.


When researching I went to the sites, hovered over the ads and they either had "googleadservices" or "googleads.g.doubleclick" in the ad script at the bottom left corner of the browser that lead me to think we could advertise on them.


I have gone into the display planner and when I enter in some of the sites we wish to target the ad format columns come up blank suggesting we can't advertise on them.


Can anyone give me an idea as to why this may happen? Low traffic sites won't show?


I have inserted these sites anyway hoping that we may show up. But unfortunately there are a few that we aren't getting any impressions on.


I have increased the bids for the placements that haven't had any impressions over a number of weeks and it hasn't made any difference either.


The main site that we really wish to target is "" as we have a guest author position and want to make sure one of our ads is showing instead of a competitors ad.


It is really frustrating that I can't seem to be able to target this site and get my clients ads on there when I know others are. is one of the sites that is on the googleads.g.doubleclick network. I was under the impression that we could target sites that use the Doubeclick service.


Any help and suggestions as to how we can get our ads to start showing for up these sites would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Display network targeting

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Hey Shane,

Good day to you. To learn how DoubleClick Ad Exchange works with AdWords, kindly visit here. Since you are not accruing any impressions for specific websites, since you have not met any control sets by publishers like minimum CPM or minimum CPC. Usually sites that have enabled DoubleClick costs high due to more available impressions and competition. Since it is also related to Real Estate Business, I feel the bid amount must be high enough to win the ad auction.


If the advertiser has chosen to be anonymous, you cannot see the exact website name. If you want to advertise only in specific websites, add them as managed placements and review the placements report for performance. If you are adding a managed placement to an ad group, I suggest to increase the default bid. This will give you a stronger chance at winning the ranking auction.



Shafi Ahamed

Re: Display network targeting

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Hi Shane;

Thisis a nice question

A few points to note here;

As an advertiser, you should not be concerned about the platform the publisher (the website) uses to run ads (whether its Adsense, doubleclick ).


Not all inventory on doubleclick is available on the display network. But there is enough inventory (i.e. ad slots) to have your banners shown on this site.  I agree  with Shafi, that in the competitive business of real estate, you should bid higher.


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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