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Display ads -Managing budget

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Hi Everyone,


Situation: I have 3-4 sets of banners, with different contents, but all linking to the same site. How should I create my campaigns right, so I could manage budgets for different banner sets?


I can't figure this out because:

1. If I create different campaigns, I can split my budget trough different banner sets the way I want. But all the optimization (excluding/including Placements, Keywords) has to be done 3-4 times, instead of one time (if I would have only one campaign).

2. If I use one campaign and different ad groups I can no longer split budgets (for e.g. 20% for 1st banner set, 40% for second and so on). I even can't set that all the banner set would gain even count of clicks.


Any advice?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Display ads -Managing budget

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Hi Zygissimo,


I am not sure what business you are into and whether all banners which you have created tend to focus only the home page or internal pages as well.


One option I could think of could be that you can create your campaigns based on services/products if you happen to create the banners specifically for those services/products and you have special budgets allocated to those banner ads.


Best practices say that your landing page should be as specific as possible so that higher relevancy and high quality of the landing page could be accomplished.


One important point to look for is that you should create your image or display ads in all formats (see this article) because there are different websites under Google Display Network supporting differen formats and you should not take a chance by selecting few.


Hope that helps!


Re: Display ads -Managing budget

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Hi, pankaj1782


Thanks for a quick reply.


We are selling computers and every banner set (with all available formats) is dedicated to one SKU. So every banner set has a different product with a different landing page.


Right now every banner set has a different capaign. Bus as i've said, this is the case, where I have to manage all the placemt options 3-4 times. But all of the targeting is the same in all campaigns.


For e.g. I have ~500 automatic placements in every campaign. So I have to filter them 3-4 times, to remain with the ones I actually need.

Re: Display ads -Managing budget

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Hi Zygissimo,


I think you haven't tried Adwords Editor tool.This tool really reduces the efforts involved for setting up campaingns.

So, if you haven't tried this tool, I'll strongly recommend to try this. (

Through this tool, here it is how you can reduce your efforts :


> Create a campaign with all it's content as per your requirements (Ad groups, Keywords, Ad copies, Exclusions et.)

> Log in to Adwords editor & download your account.(Need to download on your machine first, if you dont have)

> Just copy your existing campaign & Paste it. (This new campaign will have all your campaign elements & settings copied from existing campaign)

> Give a unique name to copied campaign

> Replace the creatives

> Change bids & budgets as per your requirements

> Upload this campaign & you are done.


Please ensure that rest of the campaign settiing are as per your requirement like Network/Geo Targeting etc


Repeat the procedure for creating new campaigns.




Re: Display ads -Managing budget

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Hello again,


It really depends upon how successful you are with your business in terms of Google Display Network (GDN). If there have been consistent good number of conversions pouring in from GDN, then you might consider creating different campaigns and as Rehan said above, you might consider installing Adwords Editor, which is excellent if you want to make bulk changes.


But if GDN is something which is not so fruitful in terms of ROI for you, then you could think of creating single campaign for display ads and have separate ad groups of different products.

The choice would be yours, we can only direct you towards the appropriate direction Smiley Happy


Best of Luck!


Re: Display ads -Managing budget

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Thanks for the answers.


I've been using adwords editor. But haven't tried to copy campaigns yet. Will try it.


So basically there is no way to manage budgets at the level of Ad Groups. Or to rotate banners of different content evenly.


Will try to keep on using seperate campaigns.