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Display Network, Target Website so Ads show.

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I am trying to get a small business 729x90 image ad to show on a local news website. 


I added the websites to target,  added auto bids which I assume would show the ad no matter what. 


The problem,  ads aren't showing on the website.  I want it simply to show the ad no matter what keyword, age, etc.  Basically show my ad regardless,  I pay for the click and thats it. 


If I don't add keywords, topics, age, etc, will my ad show.  Or is the auto bid just too low for the ad to show?


Adwords use to be so simple, now there are all these options that I am not used too.  How can I just set my ad to show nonstop,  I know other small business are advertising there too, so its going to be a rotation.  I want to show more than others.  So I assume I bid higher and my ad will show. 


Any tips for targeting one website with an ad would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 

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Re: Display Network, Target Website so Ads show.

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Hi Gerrit;


Well....  As you probably have noticed, this is not exactly how Adwords works on the display network; :smileysurprised:
You must have at least one targeting method (which I understand you added as a managed placement).

Now; on a given page, within this website, there could be number of ad slots. You might win the slot, but don't have the banner in the correct size.
Another reason could be that, though, you use auto-bid, your budget is limited,  and the result is a low bid, followed by low ad-rank, and your ad doesn't win a slot.


I would first add all banner sizes available to the ad-group.


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Re: Display Network, Target Website so Ads show.

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In addition to the great advice from Moshe I would reply that 729x90 is not an accepted banner size, 728 x 90 is.


Here is a list of all available banner sizes :


Also a site can choose to block certain advertisers if they want to, there is no guarantee that a high bid would get you impressions. Also the volume of impressions depends on the location targeting, are you sure that the audience of that site includes also readers from your targeted geo area ?