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Display Network Negative Keyword

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 Hi , I want to ask that , is it good idea to add negative keyword on Google Display Network.? But if i add negative keywords in display campaign then i lost my impressions, please help me for Display Campaign negative keywords. should i add negative keywords on display network if yes then how..? 

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Re: Display Network Negative Keyword

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Hello Jitendra P !


With refference to your concern "But if i add negative keywords in display campaign then i lost my impressions"

If you have this concern, maybe you shouldn't exclude keywords.


However the procedure on how to do this is documented here


Here's how to exclude keywords:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the campaign or the ad group that you'd like to exclude keywords from.
  3. Click the Display Network tab.
  4. Click the Exclusions link below the statistics tabel. You might need to scroll down to find it.
  5. Click the Keywords tab.
  6. You'll see two tables: "Ad group level" and "Campaign level."
  7. To exclude keywords from an ad group, click the Add exclusions button in the "Ad group level" table. To exclude keywords from a campaign, click the Add exclusions button in the "Campaign level" table.
  8. Add your keywords, one per line.

    Make sure that your excluded keywords don't overlap with your regular keywords, because this will cause your ad not to show.




    If it is useful or not to exclude keyword ? It DEPENDS.


    Are you trying to sell expensive jewlery ? If so , adding a negative keyword like "cheap" could help you achieve more focused impressions.


    You can also try managed placements to only show your ads on selected websites , for a more focused approach :



    There is also the contextual targeting tool which might help you



Re: Display Network Negative Keyword

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Hello there;

This is a nice question;


Since keywords on the display network work collectively as a theme, and you cannot estimate the contribution of a negative keyword to the evaluation of the overall  theme, as the Adwords bot sees it, -  I would not recommend;


Let's say you add the negative keyword: "major discount". (Because you sell premiumbrands, and only offer seasonal promotions) - Would thebot consider it also as the negative KW "free",  or just a "discount".

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Re: Display Network Negative Keyword

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Thank's for your suggestion.