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Display Network Mobile App Install Ads - where are they?

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Hi this may be a real noob type question but I'm stumped and my searching is producing few results.

We have a week old Display Network Mobile App Install Ad campaign running for our new iOS app that is on the App Store.   The ad is running and is tailored to just iOS devices (iphone 4s and above).  We can see the impressions and CTR etc.  But we aren't getting the results (app installs) that we were hoping for.  So the question is, why not?  Well, my first question was where the heck is our ad getting shown?  Maybe it isn't the right audience or something is missing?  So I was trying to figure out just where the ad is getting displayed and I'm stumped.   The official doc says ads can show "on mobile devices with full browsers" and "within apps".   When I look within our ads settings all the clicks are for "mobile devices with full browsers". Also, when the campaign was created we selected "mobile app categories" and chose all categories by default.  (Perhaps that is the problem?  However our app is shopping oriented and there was no shopping category) So now that the ad is active, based on our settings my assumption is someone is opening their Safari browser, going to google, searching for something and sometimes our mobile app ad is displayed.  Is that accurate? But since we don't specify keywords I have no idea under what conditions Google is showing the ad.   Is there anyway to track down more information under what conditions our ads are getting shown?  Any other expert advice for our situation is appreciated!

Thank you!

Re: Display Network Mobile App Install Ads - where are they?

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Hi Grant J,


For iOS Apps in the App Store, you have to set up AdWords Conversion Tracking manually. To implement this, click on the following link, Setting up AdWords Conversion Tracking  (Click on "Track downloads of iOS mobile applications"). For each targeting methods available (like interests, placements), you can see the breakdown under Display Network tab (Click here to know more about Display Networking reporting


If I were you, I would implement these strategies for driving more app downloads:


1. I will not target all mobile app categories

2. I will target audience using Installed app categories (may be the competitor apps or closely related app most of the target audience is using)

3. I will also setup, Remarketing campaigns to increase the App Downloads by offering more incentives (if my app is Paid or Freemium).

4. I will target specific placements, where most of my target audience tends to visit.


Hope this helps you Smiley Happy



Shafi Ahamed

Re: Display Network Mobile App Install Ads - where are they?

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Shafi I don't believe it is possible to do what you're recommending for our situation. The Google doc you reference on tracking conversions manually states:
"Currently, you're able to track only iOS app downloads driven by ads served within other apps on the Display Network, not those driven by ads served on mobile websites (such as Google Search or partner sites)."
According to our data all of the clicks on our ad have been from mobile devices with full browsers (i.e. Not from other apps). If I'm mis-reading this please let me know.
I do agree we may need to become more specific in what categories are targeted.