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Display Bug

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In many campaigns with just Display, I am having sites placements that it seems to be sending fraud clicks and is VERY hard to me exclude them one by one. I am doing that, but every day appears more.


As an example, the placement is sending tones of fraud clicks. My average CR is 15% and from it show 220% that is NOT possible and a lot of money spend.


I checked analytics stats from that campaigns and there are LOTS of "Russian" clicks. The IP shows that are from  "Germany" (where are I want to target), but the Keyboard Language shows that is Russian.


This happens when I enable 



Targeting optimization Let AdWords automatically find new customers >> 

Aggressive targeting: discover even more customers, around your target CPA (Display Campaign Optimizer)



Not just that happens, also there are LOTS of site placements that I am checking one by one and the language and contents from them are in Russian language. (I am just bidding on Germany country and also German Language) Also, I exclude Russian countries.


The thing is that the IP are from Germnay but lots of them shows "Russian" desktop language. So, I know that are frauds.


Ofcourse, I got tones of conversions but all are frauds.


Every time I created a campaigns and I enable "Aggressive targeting:",  russian clicks comes.


Is there any advise to BLOCK this activity?


In many cases, after a time Google refund those frauds clicks, but is to late. I mean, all my tracking information is contaminate from those fraud clicks. So, as a result, I need to stop those campaigns.


Before enable the "Aggressive targeting", the campaigns works fine, but I want to take advantage of "Aggressive targeting" because in others campaigns works excellent.


In general, this happens to me when I target countries like Germany, Netherlands, etc.


Thanks in advance.










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Re: Display Bug

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Hi Mat,

Within your setting tab of display campaign, opt location options(advance) as: Target- People in my targeted location
and Exclude-
People in my excluded location.

Else, What targeting methods you are using except automatic placements?
If using display keywords and/or topics, you can use target and bid setting for more targeted audiences.
You can use frequency capping to limit the ads triggering to a unique user.


Check the traffic through segment tab, and use bid adjustment accordingly

Archit, AdWords Top Contributor, Community Profile
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Re: Display Bug

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Archit is right, maybe that the advanced geographic settings should be changed. It will not help much, however, if most of the fraudulent clicks come via proxy servers. If that is the case I'd refrain from going ahead with aggressive targeting.

Re: Display Bug

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I already have People in my excluded location, but the clicks still coming. As I said, they came with German IP but I know they are form Russia.

In case a set unique user limit, it will help, but also decrease REAL and good traffic.