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Disapproved Ads - some advice...

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I'm a newcomer to AdWords but have seen lots of posts about disapproved Ads, so let me tell you my experience.


I too had my first ad disapproved for "landing page violations."  This is what, in simple terms, it meant - there is something about my website that Google, as a corporate entity, did not like in my site. It took me some time to find out that the bit they did not like was that it was a site, (which were all removed from Google search engines last July, I later discovered).  I wrote a whole new website and now have a squeaky clean suffix, but STILL had problems because I had three "free hosting" banners in my sidebar.  It wasn't Google, but FaceBook, that refused to process pages with free webhost widgets in them - so this is the moral of the story:


If Google disapproves your ad, clean it up, ask the people at AdWords help what they think is wrong  if you can't work out which bit of your site Google doesn't like - they will tell you.  You have to change it before you will be allowed to post ads.


Hope this helps,



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Re: Disapproved Ads - some advice...

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Hi guy,


Nice post. Thanks for sharing your experience. Disapproved ads can be very frustrating and Google is often less than clear about what was violated.


The best thing to do to avoid disapproved ads is study AdWords policy and understand it well before launching your campaign.


Thanks again for sharing!



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