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Different types of "matches"?

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What's the difference between "broad match", "exact match" and "phrase match"?

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September 2015

Re: Different types of "matches"?

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Hello Ohiorick,


Let me explain you this with an example, suppose we are using keyword "School shoes". In Broad match the our ad can trigger for  following keywords: School shoes, school shoe, boys school shoes, shoes, girls school shoes, buy school shoes etc. Means our ad can triger for any keywords which have school and shoes keywords.


For phrase match our ad will trigger for all those keywords which use "School shoes" in same phrase, for example our ad can show for following keywords: School Shoes for boys, buy school shoes, School shoes sales and all other keywords in same phrase. Our ad will not show for shoes school, shoes school for boys, shops for shoes etc.


For Exact match our ad will show if user type the exact "School shoes"  keyword. Means our ad will show only if user type the "School shoes" as keyword.


Beside Broad, Phrase and Exact Match you can also use the Broad modifer match for keywords.


You can read following link for more information:


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