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Difference between locations used in Extensions vs Settings

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Locations occur in two places:


Ad Extensions -> Locations (With connection to Google+)


Settings -> Locations.


What is the difference between this in the way google handles ads?

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Re: Difference between locations used in Extensions vs Settings

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Hi Sherwoods,
Welcome to the community.

The location extensions are ad extensions. You can find out more about them here:

The locations in the settings, I assume you're talking about campaign settings? If so, these are the locations you are TARGETING. The actual physical locations that people are in when you want to display your ad to them.

Location extensions show YOUR business location in your ads.

Re: Difference between locations used in Extensions vs Settings

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Hello Sherwoods ,


Are you asking about targeting your Ads around location extensions vs. targeting your ads with the Location setting in the campaign ? If so , there are some details in the link below


Re: Difference between locations used in Extensions vs Settings

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I do NOT accept this as a solution. I did NOT click accept.

I figured out that much. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. By "how does google handle" I mean how does it affect the way that ads are presented.

My places account has a service location defined for about 200 km in various directions.

On adwords my places account is associated with the maximum size radius, 40 km.

Suppose I target the entire province of Alberta for Ponderosa Pine at $1/click.

A: Someone inside my adwords places radius searches for Ponderosa Pine. Does the fact that he's inside my radius increase the relevance of my ads?

B: Someone outside my adwords places radius, but inside my service area as defined in Places looks for Ponderosa Pine.

C: Someone outside my service area as defined in places, but inside the Province of Alberta.

Just what happens differently in the above 3 scenarios.

Re: Difference between locations used in Extensions vs Settings

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"Suppose I target ..."
can this be clarified specifically -- target how exactly?

"My places account ..."
generally, linking google-places does not affect location-targeting --
exceptions are location-groups and location-extension-targeting.

linking google-places with adwords allows google to use the radius information
within google-places for location-extensions -- which affects what is displayed
under the ad and its quality-score (not the geolocation-target handling).

location-extensions adds the business-address to the displayed ad --

based on the user's location and the google-places service-area or

specific areas set in the extension.

i believe, as described, without location-groups/location-extenison-targeting
then, the answers to (a) (b) and (c) with respect to a google-places-account
linked to adwords, is -- does not apply -- is unaffected and unconnected.

if two identical ads appear with the same bid and quality-score then,
the ad with the location-ad-extensions is likely to perform better --
this is due to extensions and quality-score (not geolocation targeting).

importantly, any location-based ad is dependent on the inexact
nature of geolocation -- especially when based on ip-addressing
and regional network infrastructures.

Re: Difference between locations used in Extensions vs Settings

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Specifices: Target:
I set up the following geolocation targets:
Specifices: Target:
I set up the following geolocation targets using Campaign-Settings-Locations
A: The province of Alberta. Ponderosa Pine is targeted at $1/click
B: A circle radius 150 km around my farm is targeted, using Settings-Locations with a bid adjustment of +50%
I'm using extension location targeting via the places account -- that is, the campaign inherits that figure from my account setting.

Location extensions haven't been added to this campaign.
This campaign is using an extension added at the account level. view
Click '+ Extension' to add an extension to this campaign.

However clicking on the view just brings up a dialog allowing me to filter locations. If I wish to add a location extension, I have to remove the link to the existing places location.

It's not clear to me what this would do to my ad presentation. Does it mean that places are no longer shown?

At one point my understanding was that local places were given a preference. E.g. the fact that a person was in your local marketing area (either by location or intent) meant that your ad was give some preference. Is this the case?

If not, then under what circumstances is Places infomation displayed?

Are there circumstances when someone who searches using your keywords:
Would see your places information and not see an ad.
Would see your ad, but not see your places information
Would see both
Would see neither.
One reason for not seeing the add of course is not having a high enough bid or quality score. So maybe the way to ask is, "Does Places information have any bearing on quality score?"

I think I'm getting myself even more confused.

Re: Difference between locations used in Extensions vs Settings

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the best likely course would be to contact an adwords representative
who can look into the account to inspect exactly what is being set
and if those settings align with both your specific advertising
goals and any exceptions regarding linking with google-places.