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Destination URL

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I am a first time user and I am having an issue with my destination URL setting i think.

When i search google for one of my keywords, the URL is in the search results as is the pages of the website.

For example:


About us

Contact us

and around 3 other pages broken up as seperate results.  I just want the home page to appear, not all of the pages.

Does anyone know how I fix this?


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Re: Destination URL

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Badged Google Partner

Are you referring to paid ads, or organic results on the search engine results page?


Re: Destination URL

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Hi cherise,


I'm guessing you're talking about organic rearch listings. If that's the case, get a Webmaster Tools account, register and verify your site, then you will be able to demote certain pages that appear as sitelinks in the organic listings. These things are discovered by Google-bot and usually point to other pages on your site that are section heads.


If you're talking about your paid ad, the only way that happens is if you have configured sitelinks for your campaigns and ad groups. To remove those, go to the extensions tab in the AdWords UI, find the extensions and delete them.


Best of Luck




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