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Demographic Data ?

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How can I get demographic data from search volumes / keywords ?



I can use Google AdWords Keyword Planer to see the search volume of the keyword "dog training" with 60.500 searches / month.

Now, I would like to see the demographic data from that search volume / keyword. For instance, where are the searches coming from, how old are the people who are searching for or which gender ?

- Country, City, State 
- Age
- Gender 
- Job
- Education
- Income
- Interests
- etc.


How can I get that data ?


If I can get the demographics I can customize and optiize my campaign and target the specific audience.

Thakn you so much for any little help, hint and info - I really appreciate that.



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Re: Demographic Data ?

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In short, you can't


The keyword planner is for selecting keywords as targeting for a Search Network Campaign.In such a campaign you cannot target also demographic segments.


Demographic targeting is an option in a Display network Campaign.



Even if keywords can be used as "contextual targeting" in a Display network, there is no tool to corelate keywords  with demographics to find out on what sites to bid to reach for example an audience of "medium age men " reading mostly about a keyword of "dog training".



Re: Demographic Data ?

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Hmm.. but in the campaign you can target demographics as gender, or age.
Why do we have that option if it wouldn't be useful ?


I mean.. it only makes sense if you target for instance women, if you know that your audience are mainly women.



@to find out on what sites to bid:

well.. I think that is for sure a key-element. If you make a campaign you should know your demographics. And if you want to know who is visiting sites you can collect data for instance from alexa.

check the example:


as you can see, you can get data from sites. for instance the audience for the site is obviously mostly visited by women. So yes, that site would be a better target for your campaign if you have products that are mainly for women.

soo again, in general:
How can I get to the demographics data for a specific search term ?

Aren't there any tools out there that does collect that data ?

for instance:
If you use BING Ads Editor you can get such data - just can't find anything coming from google !!





Re: Demographic Data ?

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The tool which you mentioned , the keyword planner , is useful only for Search Network Campaigns , targeting what people type in a search engine such as


In Search campaigns , there is no option for demographic targeting.


Let's clarify one thing . What do you want to setup ? A Search Network Campaign or a Display Campaign ?



Re: Demographic Data ?

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You can try the Display Planner to type the words "dog training" and to pick some of the recommended sites by relevance but the offered data are rough estimates which are Not "search terms" from those sites.


Words used as targeting in a Display network have a "broad match" meaning that they could match also synonims and related searches such as "animal domestication" instead of "dog training" (just my assumption).


If you navigate on one of the suggested sites , it might not have at all sub-pages about "dog training" , but at least there you can see some demographics such as Gender and Age.


All the other demographics you requested , education , job and others are not available as targeting anywhere in AdWords.

Re: Demographic Data ?

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In short: Google does not disclose this info due to privacy
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Demographic Data ?

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Hi Bernhard,
Via Google Search, you cannot receive most of this data. Google Keyword Planner will give you estimated search volume by Country, City, State -

If you're already managing Campaigns via Google AdWords and using Google Analytics - you can receive some of this demographic data via Google Analytics -

However, once you receive this data you cannot use it to target searchers via Google Search.

Re: Demographic Data ?

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Thank you very much for all your info and thoughts, I really appreciate that.

@Adrian B:
I want to target what people type in a search engine such as google. So yes, I beliefe my campaign would be a Search Network Campaign, right ?

roughly 60.000 people are searching ("exact match") for teh term dog training. But I do not know if the those people are female, or male. Let's say 90% of the people are female I would of course prefer to target the female group. And if I could also get the age I could narrow it further down.

ufff. not quit sure yet.. maybe a bit confused.. but what the heck is then the difference to the Display Campaign ? It basically shows you related sites you could potentially put your ads on, right ? I mean, related sites to the keywords you have in your campaign, right ?

And you mean.. you can see some demographics as Gennder and Age from these sites ?
Hmm... interesting.. haven't figured out how that should work..  do you maybe have any step by step guide on youtube that shows in particular that feature ?

Any other ideas?
So what can you possible do if you want to get demographic data that is related to keywords ?

I mean, again.. getting back to the simple example. 60.000 people are searching for the term dog training.

What can I do to find out the demographics from those 60.000 searchers ?
Is there anything out there ?

Any tools or any service provider that provides that kind of data ?




Re: Demographic Data ?

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Hi Bernhard,

Correct - if you want to target Keywords that searchers type into Google, then yes, you want a Search Network Campaign.  A Search Network Campaign allows you to place Ads on a Google Search Results Page.  A Display Network Campaign places your Ads (such as Text or Image/Banner Ads) on websites in Google's Network - either via contextually targeting or by manually selecting websites.

Another targeting option via the Google Display Network is Demographic Targeting - Age and/or Gender.  More on GDN Targeting.

Via Search on Google, no, you cannot target by Demographics.  You do have the option of writing Ad Copy and you can try to make that Ad Copy specific to females, or call females out specifically in your Ad Copy, but you cannot target only searchers who are females.

Since it sounds like you're new to AdWords, feel free to check-out the AdWords Beginner's Guide and/or Starting Google Advertising.

A suggestion for you, focus less on your demographics and more on selecting relevant Keywords and writing Ad Copy that will bring you Conversions and Clicks.  I know target markets are important, but ultimately what you want is Conversions and I'm guessing that you'd take Conversions from either gender.

Re: Demographic Data ?

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Hello and thx for your reply.

Yes.. makes all sense.. well.. at the moment I am not really interested in conversions and clicks. I know that might sound crazy since this is acutally everybodys goal.

However, at the moment I am more interested in exploring a specific market - checking a market to see potentials. Plus.. and this is very important.. I want to know more about the people for that specific market... especially the demographics.

And so I thought there is way to get more specific demographic data from google tools. But so far I can see that it is actually not really possible, right ?

Like you mentioned.. it is possible to target for the Display Network, so basically my banners will be placed on speicific websites that consider my demographic settings, like age & gender.

But again.. that does not tell me the demographics for a specific keyword - or let's say, it doesn't show me the demographics from that specific group of people.

Allright... if I am getting back to my original question:

How can I get to the demographics data for a specific search term ?

Looks like google doesn't really have tools to get that data.

Any other ideas ?
Tools, or companies out there that could potentially provide that data ?
Or maybe.. there are some free tools and options to get such data?

How does usually a generall digital marketer get such data ?
Since google is the worlds biggest search engine.. I was hoping to get more data out of it !

Thx again for every little help !