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Data in Google Trends and Keyword Planner Contradicts

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I have a huge contradiction between data in Google Trends and Keyword Planner. Can anyone explain this to me? If I look in Google Trends for the last 12 months for trends on a specific search term, it shows that the top state is New Mexico (index 100) then Texas (index 64). If I then take a look at the same term in Trends for cities, Albuquerque has an index of 100 and Houston has an index of 93. Albuquerque is in New Mexico. Houston is in Texas. So far, so good


Now I go into the Keyword Planner and look for the search volume of the term for the last 12 months. New Mexico averages 260 searches/month. Texas averages 4,400 searches per month. HOW then could New Mexico rank that much higher than Texas in Google Trends??? Furthermore, if I just look at Houston, it gets 2,400 searches/month. That alone is larger than New Mexico.


Can someone PLEASE help explain this HUGE discrepancy? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!! I'm totally utterly STUMPED!

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Re: Data in Google Trends and Keyword Planner Contradicts

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Hi Stewart, welcome to the Community.  The answer is "normalisation".


The data in Google Trends is "normalised" to give a comparative assessment otherwise, as you say, the State with the largest population would always (probably) be the highest, which is not what Trends is all about.  Trends is, as the name suggests, more about "interest" than it is raw search volumes.  So, in your case, New Mexico has a higher "interest" in the search term than Texas, so to speak.


There's an article specifically about Trends and normalisation so I'll just link you to that.


Is the data normalized?



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Re: Data in Google Trends and Keyword Planner Contradicts

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That makes sense! THANK YOU! You are my HERO!!!