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Daily Budget?

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When selecting my daily budget is there anyway i can just like stop my campaign when i become satisfied then like start a new campaign later on down the road?

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Re: Daily Budget?

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Hi Savage, how are things?


You can pause and resume your campaigns any will, any time you want to. 


Once you've set up the campaign and it's running, you just have to go to you "Campaigns" tab and change the status of the desired ones. Usually running campaigns have a green circle on it, indicating that it's running and active.


One thing to keep in mind is that your campaigns uses a DAILY budget. So if you have a daily budget or % 50.00, once your campaign reach that, it will automatically shut down for that day. Once the day is over and the clock hits midnight, your campaigns will be activated again and your $50,00 budget will restart for that new day. So this is just a reminder that campaigns have budget set on daily bases. If you wish to advertise for a specific window of time, like $200.00 for 7 days, you should divide 200/7 to come up with your daily budget for that overall investment, which would be around $28.50 per day.


One additional thing to know is that Google can spend up to 20% more money from your Daily Budget. This is called Overdelivery. This page talks all about it:


This page gives you more information on how to pause/resume your campaigns:


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Daily Budget?

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Hi Savage,

Either you can change the status of your campaign manually or it can also be done automatically with the help of rules (Automate)
As explained by @leandrofm, Google can spend 20% more of your predefined daily budget. So even if you dont want that, then keep an eye on your spends and if reached your desired amount then pause it manually.
The better option is automate the campaign by using the rule "pause campaign when cost> $50."

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